How often should you post on your blog

Chriss Garret has an excellent blog at called Chris Garrett in media. It is an excellent resource of thought Chris Garret Blogprovoking ideas for anyone who blogs. I agree that every idea of his is not to be agreed to but some of the ideas are great.

There is an interesting post on his blog about how often should one blog. I agree that for sure you need to post everyday but the question is how often is good enough. An analysis was done by a famous blogger call Pro Blogger of the Technorati top 100 with the purpose of understanding that how many posts a day should be there for a blog to be good. The conclusion is that on an average one should post 10 posts aProblogger - Helping bloggers earn money day. Are the weekends off. Well, not exactly. You can afford to relax on weekends but cannot shut down the blog because a good portion of your readers would go through the blog on the weekend. I firmly believe that you can afford to write fewer posts on holidays and weekends but those need to be compelling and thought provoking posts as the blog will get more interactive on the weekends.

Another smart trick that I read about was that if on a particular day you are in the groove and write a lot of posts do not publish all the posts on one day as that would overwhelm readers because they might not be ready for so many posts. Therefore publishing the posts at a regular pace is very important otherwise you might end up with some readers who have lost track and that is the last thing you want.


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