Free mobile games download in India through Indiatimes

Times Internet Limited ( is going to launch advertisement supported mobile gaming portal in India. This venture would be in partnership with a US gaming portal hovr-logo001 called Hovr. In exchange of watching some advertisements the users will be able to download mobile games to their phone and play the games.

India is one the fastest growing market in terms of mobile users. India already has 235 million users and they are growing at the rate of 5 million subscribers per month.

Though it is being touted as “India’s first free mobile game portal” that is not true as a similar portal has already been launched by Anand Bazaar Patrika and Greystripe called

Gamezone would be available through Indiatime’s WAP portal at only. Indiatimes will have to popularize the WAP portal as it is not common knowledge in India that has its own WAP portal. If Indiatimes is able to popularize the same then Gamezone will assist in creating some loyal users in India as India’s mobile content market is a price sensitive market.

The fact that one needs GPRS enabled on their phone to see the advertisements and download the games might be a hindrance in the growth of game zone. There are 93 games to offer which are divided into various categories. However, the download of the game was a little slow than other sites otherwise the advertisements were not that big a problem as I had thought they might be.

With time and more players in the mobile gaming market I’m sure the industry will grow in times to come and mature as it has done in other areas within the mobile market. Therefore these are exciting times to be in the mobile gaming industry in India.

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