Get married through the Internet. matrimonial portal in India, promoted by simplymarry001 The Times of India group which is one of the top media & entertainment conglomerate in the India. has been developed as one-stop platform for prospective brides and grooms to meet and communicate with each other and build fulfilling relationships. While finding a partner for life is a serious business and the team at ensures ensures that every profile put up at is screened for irrelevant and/or appropriate content. Downloading of photos is not allowed as a security feature so that no one abuses the photos hosted there.Customer Service is available round the clock for the convenience of the users. Joining the website is free however, there are a plans with added features like duration, viewing details of users, etc for which one has to pay to get an access.

Recently launched a viral campaign, “Fire n Ice”. The new campaign has been designed by Mudra and according to the company it portrays the fun and frolic, and encapsulates the highs and lows that all romantic relationships undergo. The new campaign is an animation having a boy and a girl as the main protagonists. The campaign is well designed.

The animation and the links on the campaign did work for the first day but thereafter alarmingly some the links and the animation does not work. This is not good for the website where users have to submit their personal information. For sure there would be some users who would come to the website to register but would be turning away after coming across this part of the website.

The campaign has a link on the home page. Once you click simplymarry002

on the graphic you are taken to a full page version of the campaign which has a boy and a girl with links to “husband” and wife. When you click on the husband link it takes you to another page which has some funny quotes with images and the title of the page is “understanding your soon to be better half – This would not take time, after all he is man!”. Surprisingly the page does not show up at all in Internet Explorer 7 which is used by majority of the users. The page can be seen in Firefox though you have to wait for the page to show up. I have requested browser snapshots of the page from and would be updating this post with the results when I have them.

On the whole the is a good website and has a income model. If the quality of the website and the service is maintained it will be a sure winner in the long run specially in India where most  of the marriages take place thorough advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Since Internet’s reach is increasing in India and the fact that Internet is convenient as compared to other mediums the use of Internet for inviting marriage alliances is bound to grow in India.

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