Track micro blogging with budurl

In this era of micro blogging and with limited message space URL shortening services are in demand. Twitter uses service.

Tiny URL does provide you statistics for the shortened URL’s you create but theybudurl logo are very basic. I would like to see more details of the shortened URL’s so that I know more about how the information I shared with others is being used. This is weere the service budurl helps.

Some of the features of the service are

  • You can create an account which allows you to keep track of all the URL’s you have created till date. You can view their statistics as well. Having an account is helpful in keeping track of your history which is not possible in Tiny URL.
  • Easy signup process.
  • Once you are logged into your account you can study the traffic statistics that has been their to the shorterned URL’s under the clickstream tab that you have created in the past. The details that are available are
    • the referrer – where was the link clicked
    • the IP address of the device that accessed your budurl.
  • The information is updated in real time (every few seconds).
  • budurl reporting


    • Know more about who is reading the content you shared.
    • How the information is being shared by those with whom you share information.


    • Not inbuilt into services like Twitter. For sure tinyurl’s usage has increased because of it being inbuilt in Twitter. Makes using budurl a little more cumbersome.


    If you like seeing how the information you share while micro blogging then budurl is for you. What I can say is that the statistics information is useful and helpful in deciding what you share.

    BudURL Demo from Andy Meadows on Vimeo.

    Read about more URL shortening services on Mashable at

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