Firefox update – Get more out of browsing from Firefox

Firefox had a released version 3 recently. If you have been using Firefox 3 recently Firefox logo your browser would have updated automatically to version 3.02 because as the updates are turned on automatically. To know the version of Firefox go to the Firefox window and then hit Help in the menu button and then about. A pop up would inform you about the version of Firefox you are using.

After the update I happened to check the update page of Firefox and was surprised that I was not aware of the features that had been updated or added and infarct some of the features were those that I had wished for.

Therefore I thought of highlighting these on my blog

  1. Personal Library: A personal library is created of your bookmarks and history which can be searched or referred to at any point of time.
  2. Tags: You can tag websites so that you do not have to remember urls. For example and can be tagged as ‘lifehacks’. Once you have tagged them whenever you type lifehacks in the address bar both the websites would be shown!
  3. Awesome bar: Using the browsing history the bar gives you suggestions of URL’s making it easier for you to locate websites that you have browsed in the past.
  4. One click bookmarks: Use the star in the location bar to envoke one click bookmarking.
  5. Instant Web ID: Know more about the website legitimacy using the favicon button as Firefox now provides you information of the security of the website.
  6. Other security: Phishing protection, malware protection, password management and private data protection are some of the features that have been made better.
  7. Built in feed reader: You can read feeds using an online Web service, a client-side feed reader or by creating a Firefox Live Bookmark.
  8. Spell checking: The inbuilt spell checker ensures that your blog posts, comments, forum posts and emails are not with spelling errors. Spelling errors are underlined red and right clicking them would provide you with options to change.
  9. Enhanced search: Type the keywords in the location bar and the default search engine set in your browser (Google by default) results would be shown.
  10. Save tabs: When you shutdown Firefox, it prompts you by asking whether you want to save the current settings of the tabs so that the same tabs are shown when you fireup Firefox nextime.
  11. Tab history: Very useful. If by mistake you have closed some tabs in the present session and want to access those you can use the history menu to access the recently closed tabs.
  12. Drag and drop tabs: You can rearrange tabs by dragging and dropping them.
  13. Small footprint: The biggest complaint the users had was that Firefox used too much memory. That is now in the past. Firefox 3.02 has a very small footprint. Faster Javascript implementation has made the browser very fast.

The details and some other minor updates can be can be accessed on the Firefox website. For sure Firefox has come a long way and improved the browser to once again go one up on Internet Explorer.

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