Usable social recommendation engine – Goodrec

Goodrec allows you to easily find and remember recommendations for resturants, Goodrec - to-the-point recommendations from your friends books, movies, shopping stores and more using a mobile or the Internet. The recommendations are brief, to-the-point from friends and trusted sources.

Some of the features of Goodrec are

  1. To-the-point recommendationsGoodrec - to-the-point recommendations from your friends
  2. From people you know and trust
  3. Easy to make, find and remember. Fast and informed decision making using the ‘Thumbs Up’/ ‘Thumbs down’ recommendations.
  4. Quickly add quick tips and photos to recommendations.
  5. For restaurants, nightlife, books, movies and more
  6. Available online and on your mobile device
  7. Only recommendations are listed – no businesses or recommendations are listed if they have not been recommended by someone
  8. Intelligent recommendations based on personal tastes
  9. Recommendations are displayed as “rec” based on the location you searched for.
  10. Further filtration of recommendations is possible based on personal preferences, tastes, like and “what I want” (a sort of wish list that can be built by a user).
  11. Publish your recommendations on social networking sites like Twitter, FriendFeed and Facebook.

Goodrec has also developed an application for iphone and other mobile devices Goodrec can be accessed through iphone using the iphone app which enables users to use the recommendation engine when on the move. The Goodrec application integrates with the maps on the iPhone and you can search for recommendations according to your present situation. To access Goodrec on your mobile you have to go to


  1. Fast and intuitive recommendation engine.
  2. Easy to add and bookmark recommendations.
  3. Can be used on a mobile
  4. No noise as only recommendations are displayed.


  1. The database for the recommendations is too small
  2. Recommendations are not available for all the areas.


However, these disadvantages would not be there in times to come as the user base of Goodrec increases. It does seem that the team at Goodrec has a good product going and it is not surprizing that it was one of the finalists for techcrunch 50.

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