Snail mail with a twist – Letterfu

In this day and age there is very little incentive to write snail mail. The main reasons why snail mail has taken a back seat are

  • it is cumbersome,
  • your handwriting is not good and
  • it takes time to deliver

But the advantages of writing snail mail are there as well

  • it is more thoughtful as people take time out to write snail mails,
  • it has a personal touch to it
  • and the feel good factor for the writer and the recipient.

Letterfu is a service that gives you reasons to write a snail mail as it makes snail mailLetterfu - Letter-writing without envelopes, cutting or glue fun and is also fun. Letterfu provides you templates for your snail mail, which you can print out, that are the mail templates and the envelope templates rolled in one. Some of the features are

  • Quick letter templates which do not require an envelope Letterfu - Letter-writing without envelopes, cutting or glue
  • Templates are available in PDF format. The designs available are
    • Plain Lilac
    • Valentines
    • Christmas
    • Blank
    • Sushi (user contributed)
    • St. Patrick’s Day (user contributed) and
    • Spring (user contributed)
  • You can create your own templates by using the source code (covered by Creative Commons). The format that the templates are available in are Open Office draw format. Therefore you need to have Open Office installed to work on the templates.
  • More templates being added
  • No signup or registration required.
  • Letterfu is fun thing to do and it might entice you to send your first snail mail in years as it did for me.

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