Useful and fun resources on the web

Some of the interesting services I came across on the web

AKVIS ChameleonAnimation depicting how chameleon works

I t is a tool for photo collage. The best feature is the ability to move a part of a photograph to another photograph without worrying about adjusting the background of the part you imported into the second photograph the software does it for you. Some of the other features are

  • Montage
  • Chameleon
  • Blend Mode
  • Emersion Mode

To know more about the features visit the Chameleon website.

Give it a spin and I’m sure you will find it interesting. There is a free demo for 10 days.

Font Browserfontbrowser001

Font browser allows you to review the popular fonts online for free. You can add your own text to see how it will look in different fonts. You can also change the font size to see what size works best for you!

Free images

Free images for your website or blog can be found at

  • Image after : A collection of images and textures which are free to download and use
  • Open Photo: Open photo has a collection of public domain photos that you can use.
  • PD Photo: PD photo has a collection of public domain images that can be used on your website without paying anything.

Let me know if these kind of posts, which have links to services I have discovered, are helpful or not. Send me feedback at pali dot madra at gmail dot com

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