Brick by apple?

Apple has again successfully created a controversy over the release of their product later this month (October 14, 2008). Rumor has it that it is called ‘brick’. The internet is rife with rumors of what ‘brick’ is.

  • While some insist that the new product is a iteration of Apple TV
  • others feel that it is a updated Mac Mini like Eee PC (source BusinessWeek)
  • another rumor speculates that it would be a some new smaller touch based device (source Blargkaboom)

The latest rumor which originated from a apple rumor Apple Macbook prosite (and there are many of them), called 9to5Mac says that the term ‘brick’ was not coined for the product but for the process that has been used to produce the product.

While quoting and undisclosed source from inside Apple the website explains that the term ‘brick’ was coined for the process that is used to manufacture Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro lines of laptops as they are being made from a single piece of aluminum block. For details of the story visit the 9to5Mac website. The aluminum notebooks will have the following advantages though

    Working with solid aluminum eliminates the need to bend the metal and create weak spots or microfolds and rifts.

    The final product would be smooth as it will not have any seams.

    No need of screws.

    Since it is made of aluminum the final product would be super light, super strong and cheaper.

    Gives you the liberty to be more creative in your design as the design can be made without a machine.

    The manufacturing of Macbook has been outsourced to a Chinese or a Taiwanese manufacturers like Foxconn.

    The ‘wow’ factor of an aluminum product (I’m already dreaming about it).

    It will not be easy for competition to catch up with this kind of a product as a whole new production facility will have to be developed to market this kind of product. However, there is no evidence that Apple has setup a new facility for production recently.

One of the reasons why pundits believe this might be true is because Apple has forecasted reduction in gross profit by up to 32% for the financial quarter that ended in September which was 34.8% for the quarter that ended on June 30th. This sparked off rumors that

  • Apple products would have better chips and larger screens
  • A juicer and better Apple TV with a larger hard drive and ofcourse the evergreen rumor
  • about Steve Jobs health.

Confirmed news

Some of the changes that have been confirmed are

  • The new Macbook Pro keyboard will draw inspiration from the Macbook Air (source MacBlogz)
    Artist's interpertation of the new keboard for Macbook Pro
  • Citing “field checks” LED Displays and Aluminum enclosures were once again (source MacBlogz)
  • A glass tackpad (source MacBlogz)
  • A new case (A Chinese blog, though this information is not confirmed)
    The alleged leaked picture of the new Macbook Pro Though October 14, 2008 is not far from the rate the rumors are doing rounds it seems to be far away.
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