Postacards, ecards, online greeting cards web 2.0 is a service that allows you to create and send postcards or greeting cards which arePreview of interface customizable.

The way it works is

  • Upload a picture (jpg, gif or a png file)
  • add music or a song to it (an mp3 file > 20 mb)
  • add your message and preview your card and
  • send the card

What makes the service fun to use is the usability and the customization that one can do!

The service was launched about a week back and till date 3000 postcards have been created. The top 5 cities by usage are

1. London
2. New York
3. Budapest
4. Chicago
5. Paris

I would recommend the service as it gives a personal touch to your online greetings. This is the good thing about web 2.0 applications – they are useful!

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Author: palimadra

An earthling who is a perpetual learner as I constantly find new stuff to learn. I make websites and help to improve their visibility for professionals and small businesses to ensure that I put the food on the table. Each time I realize that I have been in the industry for 15 years it seems surreal as it feels as if I started about a year back but then I realize I have a 13 year old daughter! Some of the skills I have acquired are HTML5 & CSS3 development Website Development and Design WordPress Development Tumblr Development Bootstrap Framework node.js Jekyll Mentoring some bright and hardworking people is something I have enjoyed in the past. Blogging allows me to share my thoughts with whoever wants to hear (or read). Training is another area which I have dabbled in training (web development, SEO and online marketing) and I plan to take it further. At times I do practice Taekwondo and if I can find a partner play Lawn Tennis. Should you have the desire, feel free to contact me.

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