Phishing attacks on the rise – be careful when opening emails from you bank

With the global crises in the finance industry the hackers have realized that this is the best time to propagate phishing attacks.

Email Spam The trick is an old one. Security firm SonicWall say that they have been seeing an increase in traffic of emails that lure the people to their bank’s fake website and asks them to verify their personal and bank account information. One of the reasons used most for re entering your information is because of a bank merger or take over and these days there are many.

A lot of customers of Washington Mutual are being targeted as it was taken over by Chase.

Hackers use sophisticated tools and measure trends to ensure that they do not got. Cnet recently reported that that hackers are increasingly using Google Trends to find out what people are searching for and build phishing attacks accordingly.

How to catch such emails

  1. Unsuspecting users do that as the fake website is exactly like the original one except for the URL (Universal Source Locator) in the address bar of your browser. To find out more about how to locate a URL go here.
  2. Banks will never ask for your personal information and banking information online. Usually traditional mail is used for such information exchange.
  3. Use this test at SonicWall to assess how much you know about phishing.

So the next time you get an email asking for personal or sensitive information online avoid it.

New phishing attempt targets bank customers | News – Security – CNET News

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