Moving layers and objects in Photoshop

There are times when I have struggled with moving objects in Photoshop. If you have felt the same this post is for you.

Moving a layer moves the whole group

At times when I have tried to move a layer which is part of a group in Photoshop, moving the layer typically moves the whole group! It is frustrating.

The problem lies in the settings of the move tool in Photoshop. In the options bar at the top left, probably move group is selected (check the screenshot below). If this is the case change the option to layer and your life would be easier.

Move tool options in Photoshop

Selecting Just One Object On A Layer

In Photoshop if you have multiplPhotoshop lasso toole objects on the same layer (for example some text and
shapes that have been rasterized) and you need to select only one of the element on the layer. you can use the Lasso tool to draw a very selection (does not need to be perfect) around the object. Then hold the Control key (Command key on Mac), and then press the arrow keys to move the object. The entire object will become perfectly selected without disturbing anything else on the layer. Now you can move that oject wherever you want!

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