Global warming – fact or fake news?

In the age of fake news it is very tough to know that the simmering winters are due to global warming or not.

Global Warming – Fact argument

There are credible websites, personally, I consider NASA to be credible (though everyone is entitled to their opinion and I’m aware that some people would not consider NASA credible), clearly state that global warming is a phenomenon which has been caused by the human race (95% sure according to IPCC Fifth Assessment Report). The post also gives details of indicators, which seem plausible, which indicate that Global Warming is a fact that has been caused due to various technological advances made by the human race.

Global Warming Myth argument

On the other hand, there are sources, whom I cannot and will not dismiss as being false or ulteriorly motivated, that dismiss the myth of Global warming! What is the truth?

Fact – I’m a lazy dude

Global Warming - a myth or fact

So how do I fix the conundrum? After some research, I found out that the only way I can find the truth is to read the full IPCC Fifth Assessment Report. After finding out that the summary of the report has 32 pages which lots of jargon which I cannot understand I did not dare to go down that rabbit hole. The reason is that I do not have time, as I have so many other things to care of. I’m not disciplined enough to devote more time to study the report (maybe because I do not feel that it is important enough).

Delima of fake news

In this day and age, I encounter lots of contradictory information. This more than ever before has made me

  1. A confused person
  2. Question myself if I’m smart (and I’m in the process of concluding I’m not unless something drastic transpires in the coming weeks and months)
  3. Someone who cannot find a single source of credible information.
  4. A person who questions every source of information.
  5. Someone who believes nothing that is told to him by anybody.

My worry is that if there are others who are in a similar state of mind then I’m living in the most dangerous times. I rather am ignorant that being someone who has incorrect information because the latter is more dangerous.

It is amazing that I could write down my thoughts on this, and in the process get a better understanding of my thought process and myself, because of the daily prompt of Simmer

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