Chicken or the chicken egg – who came first?

Egg – the prompt the daily prompt from WordPress, represents confusion for me.

Egg = confusion

The age-old¬†dilemma that has confused everyone – “Chicken or the egg – Which came first?” has perplexed the world. Some sources like Wikipedia claim that the issue has been resolved while others are still debating about it.

Another reason egg relates to confusion for me is the other dilemma – are eggs vegetarian? In spite of reputed sources debating, like the SFGate and Quora (the question has 100+ answers!), the fact, the human race, on the whole, is still confused.

Eggs being cooked!
Are eggs vegetarian?

I would like to add that I love chicken eggs given their food value and the fact that there are so many ways to cook and present it as food.

The post is in response to the Egg prompt on the daily prompt blog.

Personal note - I missed another day in pursuit of my 30-day blogging challenge :-(. Therefore November 5, 2017, is the first post, as per the challenge rules, and I need to blog till December 5, 2017, to achieve the challenge.


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