Those college & Uni days

Today’s prompt proxy bought back the college and University days.

It seems that it is an Asian phenomenon, particularly India and Pakistan, especially in the years gone by, when college and university studies were heavily subsidized, that student often did not attend classes but to meet the attendance requirements would ask their fellow students to mark their attendance by proxy.

The most potent tool professors at universities and colleges had was attendance. If a student did not have at least 75% attendance he could be abstained from writing the exams. Not being able to write the exams was still not a big issue, but the fact that the parents would be informed about it was the most dreaded threat.

Therefore at the end of the academic year often students could be seen scurrying to get themselves relief for mandatory attendance by claiming to be participating in the extracurricular activities. Therefore it was best that one got their attendance marked by proxy.

It was interesting to note that the daily prompt proxy evoked the same memories for one of the fellow bloggers from Pakistan and another from India.

In response to the daily promptProxy


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