Letting habits get away

There are some habits that you inculcate because of passion. Some years later you see them fade away.

Dancing my blues away!

Dancing was one of the passions I had in my youth. Not during student days but later I developed this passion for dancing. Though I never learnt dancing formally, I was told I was good at it (which I did not agree with then and now) but it did make me feel better still whenever I danced whether alone or in a group. I became more expressive and acted more like an extrovert than an introvert (which is the opinion of people around me and mine as well). On the whole dancing made me happier and more in peace with myself.

Like other few things, and my passion regressed and after a few years I started doing it less often and after a few years completely stopped it. Not that I stopped feeling good about it but because I never nurtured it, which I should have done, and it did not help me pay for anything or make a living, dancing became something that was a thing of past.

Living your passions

Thinking about it, after dancing came as a prompt on the daily post blog, I’m realizing that one should not let his/her passions go. Passions should be nurtured.  Since you would love your passions who will feel good about them and if you persist they will pay in the end – in cash or in kind, like good health in case of dancing.

I thank everyone who is responsible, that there are new things that I get attracted towards and they can become passions and one needs to go deeper and see if you are passionate enough to pursue them for life and if you are go for it. It will benefit in the end. Lesson Learnt.

In response the daily prompt Dancing


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