Save PowerPoint presentations as read only

Ever wondered how to truly make PowerPoint presentations read only? Then this is the post for you. Read on….

One of the most common questions asked about PowerPoint presentations is how to save the presentation as ready only? When a presentation has been finalized you want to share the presentation in such a format that the recipient cannot edit the presentation but should be able to view the presentation.

Solution provided by Microsoft

One of the solutions provided by Microsoft on its Powerpoint support page is to enable the protection of the file and “mark it as final” which can be done from the main submenu called ‘info’.  This would not allow others to edit the PowerPoint presentation.

A disadvantage of using this option is that when the recipient of the PowerPoint presentation will try and opent the file they would see a notification in the status bar screenshot of which is provided below.

PowerPoint status bar screenshot of protected file

However a recipient can click on the ‘edit anyway’ button and they can edit the PowerPoint presentation. Therefore the method defeats the purpose.

Better solution for PowerPoint read only presentation

I find saving the file as a PowerPoint show as a better option. A PowerPoint show file can be opened by double clicking on it and the presentation is shown as a slideshow. If the user does not have PowerPoint installed on their computer they might need to install PowerPoint Show viewer. The best part of the PowerPoint show file is that no one can edit the presentation.

Saving a powerpoint presentation as a read only powerpoint show file

The format that the file is saved in is ppsx. More information on ppsx format can be found here. There is also an interesting discussion on CNET about how to open PPSX files.

PowerPoint has the ability to save presentation files in various formats and information on it can be found here.

Moving layers and objects in Photoshop

There are times when I have struggled with moving objects in Photoshop. If you have felt the same this post is for you.

There are times when I have struggled with moving objects in Photoshop. If you have felt the same this post is for you. Continue reading “Moving layers and objects in Photoshop”

How to Crop & Resize a Photo to Exact Dimensions using Photoshop

How to resize a photo to the exact dimensions using the crop tool in Photoshop.

Resizing a photo has become an essential skill with the adoption of social media as people are finding more need for imagery to fit certain spaces online like facebook, instagram, twitter and LinkedIn to name a few.  Since Photoshop is most used for editing the photos, and if not then most of the other photo editing software has a similar interface, I decided to share how I resize photos to the exact dimensions.

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How much water is enough for a day

I try to find the answer to the tough question of how much water is needed for an individual on a daily basis.

There is no denying the fact that there are advantages of drinking water. However, How much water intake is ideal for an individualdrinking too much water can be detrimental to your health as well. Therefore I wanted to find out what is ideal amount of water intake for a normal human being as once again I have this urge to be healthy and I would be starting this time around by first altering my diet and making it healthy. Of course water is an essential component. Continue reading “How much water is enough for a day”

Recommended apps for new Mac users

I bought a new Mac (finally) about two month back. It is a Macbook Pro with 13” with which I use a Dell 20” external monitor. I would say that I have not been dissappointed.
Having said that I know a new Mac user can get frustrated easily specially when they are shifting over from using a Windows based PC. The frustration levels would be different for different users as that would depend on the number of tasks you typically do not on your Mac. It does become cumbersome as the “dog (you) has to be taught new tricks”. For me though learning new tricks has been the fun part. At times Struggling with completing tasks on my Mac at times does make me feel young as I discover new things.
I have been busy setting up the new business and therefore have not had the time to experiment with stuff on the mac.Now that I have some time (and after kicking myself in the butt and telling myself that now you have the dream machine but you are not experimenting on it) I have been trying to trying to get things done efficiently on the Mac.
I have been using Reddit to find some information. Reddit is an excellent source where the human race shares thoughts, information and people are open to giving advice to fellow humans. If you are not using Reddit on a regular basis I highly recommend it.
For the Mac information I have been using the Mac, Apple, Macapps and other similar sub reddit. I was particularly looking for software that I can use specially for web development and iOS development. Though I would not call myself an iOS developer but I have dabbled in it but I do intend to master it in the next few months. I thought it would be good to share the list of recommended software for new Mac users that I have been able to generate from the various subreddits.



Mac software for beginners

Thanks to all reddit users who have indirectly contributed to the list. I’m indebited to them.

  • Homebrew – The missing package manage for OS. A must install for web developers and software developers. Free.
  • Growl – The ultimate notification system for OS X
  • Shift It – Managing windows size and position on Ma. Free
  • Adium – Multi platform chat application for Mac which is free.
  • Quicksilver – Productivity app for Mac though Spotlight does a great job now. Quicksilver is available for free. 
  • MusicBrainz Picard– Automatic Music tagging made easy, Picard is free for download. 
  • Transmission – A lightweight torrent application for Mac. Transmission is free for download.
  • Carbon Copy Cloner – Backup your Mac smartly (30 day trial – not free anymore)
  • BetterTouchTool– Get more from your trackpad and mouse when using a Mac. 
  • Appcleaner – A Mac uninstaller which is free.
  • Littleicon – Customize the icons on your Mac for free with Littleton. 
  • Cyberduck – Powerful FTP client with cloud storage management which is surprizingly free. 
  • Textmate – The missing editor for Mac
  • SequelPro – Free MYSQL database management software for Mac.
  • Fluid app – Create any website into an app on your Mac for free. 
  • Skitch – Free screenshot software for Mac. 
  • USBoverdrive – Software to manage USB and bluetooth devices on Mac

All the apps for Mac that have been suggested on Reddit cannot be added to a single post as the blog post will turn out to be mighty lengthy. Therefore I have included ones that I feel are useful for someone like me. The best way to show appreciation for this post is to suggest apps that you find useful on your Mac. Perhaps then I can come out with a second part of this post. Till that time I hope you try some of the apps listed above and try them out!
If you have any thing to say catch me on Twitter or Facebook.

Perfect pictures with picture element

One of the biggest challenge of responsive web design are images. In the quest ofpicture tag in html5 delivering crisp images web designers and developers have increased the size of data being transferred for images. Since images attribute to 60% of the bandwidth used to optimize the user experience it is important to have the ability to show different image sizes on different devices.  Images are one of the biggest obstacles in implementing truly responsive web design. Different solutions have been suggested to overcome the problem of implementing responsive images in web design. One of the solution, using srcset attribute, was discussed in a earlier postContinue reading “Perfect pictures with picture element”

Using srcset (Source Set) attribute for responsive images

srcset attribute for responsive images in responsive web designOne of the most daunting challenge for web designers and web developers in implementing responsive web design has been using responsive images. The true benefits of responsive web design can only be yielded if responsive images are used since images are a large component of web design. HTML5 makes developing responsive web design easier. To ensure that responsive images are being used using the srcset attribute ensures that the right size image is served for different screen sizes. Continue reading “Using srcset (Source Set) attribute for responsive images”